About Us

We believe in “True Networking.  “True” Networking means that we learn from each other and really get to know one another.

Relationships are a big part of business and we pride ourselves on helping businesses grow.

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month (excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks) at Spring Creek BBQ at 635/Preston.

There are no fees, no obligations and you are free to share what God is doing in your business.  We pray for one another, share business ideas, network and eat some good ol’ Texas BBQ!

Here’s what Stacey of Acumen Virtual Services had to say about our group:

“I’ve been in other business exchange groups and visited quite a few, but this is the first group I’ve been in where I felt completely free to talk about how my Christian faith manifests itself in my business. In my experience most other groups are friendly enough, but I always felt intense pressure to provide leads and the competition of business. In a wonderful way this group allows me to be a Christian business woman.  Thank you.”

Here is a calendar to help you
make sure you don’t miss any of our meetings.


About Us

We are a group of Christian business owners that meet regularly for business networking, education and to pray for one another.

Join us for the 2nd Tuesday at Spring Creek BBQ on 75 near Beltline at 11:30am.

Speak for our group

If you would like to speak for our group, we would love to have you.  Just visit one of our meetings and discuss your topic with one of our leaders, Steve or Lyle.  It’s important that you visit our group so we can get to know you better and introduce you to our ever changing group of business leaders.

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